The "Secret Tool"

We ALL Carry

For what seems like eternity, the secrets of Creation have been kept away from Humanity.

How can we live abundantly, and still be free to live our lives the way we have always dreamed?

Majority of the population has come to the conclusion that we cannot rely on external sources to bring balance to this chaotic Planet.

The structure we have been dished out is not sustainable, and we can clearly see that something radical needs to be changed.

We need REFORM.

We must re-shape the way in which we view and interact with the World around us.

We must mold our Minds into the Magickal Tools that they are, and manifest true Freedom.

We must grab our Destiny with our own hands, and be the Directors of our Lives.

It is the only way.

Magick is in our Minds

The only limit on possibilities : Your Imagination !


"My Soul Speaks, My Brush Follows"

Art is a powerful tool that is designed to bring us closer to our Soul.

When we create, we are bringing to the surface what needs to be seen.

As you can see - I created this piece during a very hard time in my Life. I did not realize until much later that this was my Soul trying to communicate with me.

Listen to your Inner Voice, and find the Creation that brings forth what needs to be heard!

You have been guided here to learn the Art of Life

- so let's dive in!

1st Step :
Uncovering The Message

First step to finding balance within, is finding the root of our Worry and Anxiety, and understanding where the Fear is coming from in the first place.

2nd Step :
Accepting Duality

Accepting the Duality within ourselves, the light and the dark is what makes this process so deeply healing.

Our Minds act as tools to allow us to bring our shadows to the surface, to transcend them into the Light using Compassion and Acceptance.

3rd Step :
Discipline The Mind

Using the Power of our Imagination, we create an Art Amulet to be used whenever the Fear manifests within our psyche.

This Art Amulet will bring healing to your subconscious just by looking at it, or even better, solely thinking about it.

Even after we have uncovered our Fears, made friends with them, and created our Art Amulet... the work is not done!

We must stay diligent, and have self-discipline when it comes to keeping our thoughts at bay.

"As Within - So Without"

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